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If you are thinking about nose surgery (rhinoplasty), you have come to the right place. Nose surgery can fine tune the appearance of your face by getting rid of a bump or refining your nasal tip. It can also improve your breathing.

In this section, we tell you everything you need to know about rhinoplasty, including rhinoplasty types (such as open, closed and even filler nose surgery). We also tell you what you are in for with our informative rhinoplasty recovery, rhinoplasty risk and rhinoplasty cost articles. You will be well-prepared for your consultation by the time you have finished this series — we guarantee it!

While choosing a qualified surgeon and following his or her advice can go a long way toward your ultimate satisfaction with the results of your nose surgery, there is always a risk that you will be dissatisfied and want to make more changes to your nose. Revision rhinoplasty is considered one of the most difficult types of cosmetic surgery. You need to know what to expect and how long you should wait before opting for secondary nose surgery. We spell it all out for you in our articles on revision rhinoplasty recovery, revision rhinoplasty risks and revision rhinoplasty cost (which is often a lot steeper than primary rhinoplasty because the redo is more complex). This section also features a special report on ethnic rhinoplasty, a highly specialized and much in-demand procedure. It used to be that people were looking to obscure their ethnic identity, but today they're usually more interested in a subtle enhancement of their nose. Choosing a doctor who has the right experience is the best way to make sure you are happy with results of your ethnic rhinoplasty. Here we will tell you what to look for — and what to look out for — when it comes to ethnic rhinoplasty.

And in case you have any questions that we didn't answer in the main articles, we also provide a list of frequently asked questions about nose surgery (along with their succinct answers) in this section. Good luck!

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