Neck Lift Cost

What Is the Cost of Neck Lift Surgery?

Reviewed by Yael Halaas, MD

If you are considering neck lift or another neck rejuvenation procedure, cost is likely an important consideration. As is true with any major expenditure, it's good to know all the details going in.

The cost of neck lift surgery (platysmaplasty) varies widely based on the extent of the procedure, the area of the country where it is performed and your chosen surgeon. Neck lift costs tend to be higher in urban areas such as New York City and Los Angeles where surgeons are in greater demand.

In general, neck lift cost comprises anesthesia fees, facility fees and surgeon fees. When all these costs are factored in, neck lift cost typically runs anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000. If your neck lift is performed in conjunction with other procedures, including face lift and chin augmentation, your total cost will be higher. That said, add-ons can also help offset costs because there is only one facility and anesthesia fee.

Some surgeons include under neck liposuction in their fee for a neck lift, but others do not. Determine this in advance with your surgeon.

There are also some other costs that may not be included in your initial estimate. These may include (but are not limited to):

  • Medications
  • Foam wedge pillows or other neck lift recovery supplies
  • Preoperative blood work
  • Physical exam

Neck lifts are considered cosmetic and are not typically covered by insurance. If the cost is prohibitive, ask your surgeon about available payment or financing plans for your neck lift surgery.


In addition to knowing what to expect regarding neck lift surgery cost, it is also important to understand any potential neck lift risks and how long the neck lift recovery process should take.

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