Eyelid Surgery Cost

Understanding the Dollars and Sense of Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Cost

Reviewed by Yael Halaas, MD

If your eyelids are sagging, and there are bags all around them, you probably could benefit from eyelid surgery. But is it in your budget? The cost of blepharoplasty will likely play a role in your decision to undergo eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery cost typically comprises anesthesia fees, facility fees and surgeon fees. The cost varies based on whether you are having your lower lids, your upper lids or both sets of eyelids rejuvenated. For example, Asian double eyelid surgery cost reflects the unique technique and experience required for this specialized cosmetic procedure. Sometimes other procedures such as brow lift, face lift or Botox injections are done at the same time, which can also affect your bottom-line cost.

The national average for plastic surgeon fees for blepharoplasty is $3,528, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Of course, this is just the average. Some surgeons charge less and others charge much more. Anesthesia fees for eyelid surgery can range from $400 to $800 depending on the nature and extent of the procedure, and the facility fee can be up to $1,000.

Putting it All Together: Eyelid Surgery Cost

The total cost for upper and lower blepharoplasty is about $4,000. For the lower lids, the total cost is around $2,500, and upper lid blepharoplasty costs about the same as the lower lid surgery. Eyelid surgery costs tend to be higher in urban areas — like New York City or Dallas — where overhead is more expensive and where surgeons are in greater demand.

There are also some hidden eyelid surgery costs such as the cost of any medications (painkillers, antibiotics, or artificial tear drops, for example) and any surgical supplies or other items such as foam wedge pillows, cold compresses for the eyes, dark sunglasses and/or camouflage make-up. There may also be costs for preoperative blood work and exams.

Eyelid Surgery Cost: Insurance Issues

Purely cosmetic eyelid surgery is not covered by insurance. That said, some of the cost may be covered if your eyelid surgery is related to eyelid ptosis (drooping eyelid) that affects your vision or another medical condition. Ask your insurer about your coverage in advance of booking your surgery.

Eyelid surgery may be combined with facelift, brow lift, laser skin resurfacing, facial implants, lip augmentation, injectables such as Botox or Sculptra, chemical peel or microdermabrasion. While these can make the surgery more complex and riskier, it can also save out-of-pocket costs because there is only one facility and anesthesia fee for multiple procedures. If you are planning on having any additional procedures, ask your surgeon if it makes sense to do them at the same time.


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