Brow Lift Types

Brow Lift Surgery: Different Types and Techniques

Reviewed by Yael Halaas, MD

There are several brow lift types. They differ primarily by incision technique. In general, incisions can be placed at the hairline, behind the hairline, above the brow or in the mid-forehead.

Some commonly used brow lift types include:

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Direct Brow Lift: This lift is performed using one of the horizontal wrinkles or creases in the forehead.

Endoscopic Brow Lift: The surgeon uses a pencil-shaped probe with a tiny camera attached to it (an endoscope) to transmit video images of your forehead and temples to a TV screen in the operating room. The endoscope is inserted via three to six small incisions that are cleverly hidden behind your hairline. This type of brow lift is best for younger individuals who may not need as much of a lift.

Endoscopic Technique with Suture Suspension: This procedure is also done endoscopically, but permanent sutures suspend the muscles and tissue of the brow in their new, higher position. The sutures hold the tissues in place by either passing through the muscles or by suspending the muscles from a special barb. Again, this is best for younger people who do not need a major brow overhaul.

Full Coronal Technique: This is the oldest type of brow lift surgery. An incision is made from one temple to the other across the crown of your head. The incision is hidden behind your hair line. The skin and sometimes the muscles are pulled upward and redraped. Any excess skin is removed. This more extensive surgery is best for people who need a more significant lift. The downside is that if you develop a receding hairline, the long incision may become visible.

Subcutaneous Brow Lift: This lift is also known as "pretrichial." Incisions for this technique are made in front of your hairline, which means that the scars may be visible.

Temporal Brow Lift: This is also called a lateral lift or lateral brow lift. Incisions are made at the temples behind your hairline. The temporal brow lift can produce an exotic look. However, it can also correct folds and small wrinkles in your forehead, the glabella, and the corners of your eyes (crow's feet). A temporal lift can also lift your cheeks. This lift is considered a tension lift. Your skin is stretched and under tension, which can cause stretched or widened scars.

Temporal Brow Lift with Suture Suspension: This is the same as the temporal lift, but it uses internal, permanent sutures to suspend the muscles and tissue.

Non-invasive Brow Lift: Ulthera uses ultrasound energy to refresh your eyes and tighten the skin on your forehead. These sound waves stimulate collagen growth, resulting in a non-surgical brow lift. There may be some mild redness for the first half-hour after treatment, but that's it. The results appear gradually for up to six months. Ulthera is FDA-approved.


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