Facial Rejuventation Today


Many of us can barely even pronounce the names of some of the chemicals listed on labels of the creams and lotions we slather on our bodies and those of our children!

But corporate-lawyer-turned-savvy-“mompreneur” Samantha Addonizio is doing something about it.

Her brainchild is KYI, a whole foods skincare line. KYI stands for Know Your Ingredients. Addonizio’s main go-to ingredients are argan oil, shea butter masks and sweet almond oil.


So how does a lawyer morph into a skin care afficionado?

“About 8 years ago, when I first became a mom, I became more aware of eating healthy and being healthy for myself and my first son,” she says. “It was easy to find and feed my son nutritious foods — healthy foods were everywhere — and it was easy to find unprocessed, or minimally processed, whole foods. But he had bad eczema and after a few trips to the dermatologist, nothing she recommended worked, and some products made him scream.”

Even products that said that they were all natural or organic were not.

So she made her own. At first, Addonizio just shared the products with her friends, but demand grew, and that’s when she knew she was on to something bigger.

And so far, so good.

Today, KYI is more than a growing skin care company, it’s a mission. Addonizio is is dedicated to raising consumer awareness regarding the health benefits of selecting and using skincare products that are good for you.

Check them out!